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Training with Project (CAE) Assistance

  • Structural and Thermal Analysis
  • Dynamic Response Assessment
  • Energy and Power Sector Application
  • Fracture / Crack / Damage assessment and control
  • Bio-medical application
  • Automotive crash / Ride handling
  • Simulation of Robotic Arm

And other CAE areas!!!

Using Hypermesh / ANSYS / CFD / LS-Dyna and RecurDyn

Embedded Project  Areas:

1.Embedded Control System (8051/PIC/MSP430/ARM7/AVR)
2.Wireless Embedded System
3.I2C,SPI,CAN,LIN,MODBUS protocols
4.ZigBee ,Bluetooth, RF transceiver
5.GSM / GPS / RFID / Touch screen
7.RTOS (Real Time Operating System)
8.Power Electronics

Matlab –Image Processing / Control