ProCAE is a training division of HEXDOF Engineering Services Pvt Ltd.

An authorized training Centre of Altair Hyper works from Altair Engineering

Welcome to ProCAE

ProCAE is to offer a training curriculum that improves the productivity of our students. The objective is to deliver an excellent source of information that is both easy to use and applicable to real life problems.

The training manuals provided to each student contain chapter notes and hands-on exercises.

The courses range from an Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (FEA), CAD,CAE,CFD, and Multi Body Dynamics .to advanced topics using the ANSYS suite of tools.

Why ProCAE?

ProCAE commitment to the field of CAD/CAE/FEA/CFD/Multi-body Dynamics is further enhanced by its endeavor to ensure that more and more engineers are exposed to FEA. To extend this objective we carry out FEA/CFD training campus in college premises.